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        'Warpaint' - Warpaint

        Warpaint’s second self-titled album is available to preorder now on CD, double vinyl (red if you’re quick!) from our Rough Trade Webstore

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        Today is officially ‘Houndmouth Day’ in Louisville, as decreed by Mayor Greg Fischer himself. The US four-piece play the Iroquois Amphitheater tonight to open the venue’s 2013 season.

        Help celebrate the day by watching Houndmouth’s official music video for their stomping single ‘On The Road’. The track is taken from the US four-piece’s debut album ‘From The Hills Below The City’, out 3rd June on Rough Trade.

        Houndmouth Houndmouth Release Video For 'On The Road'


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        Where Did Frank Zappa Come From? Posted by on 29/04/09 in blog

        Here apparently:

        I had always kind of assumed that he fell to Earth one day, but no, he had had a ‘normal’ home back in the 70’s, when purple was certainly a lot more purple. The Crosby family (the other one) it appears opted for a more neutral colour scheme, here’s David with his father Floyd in 1970:

        And lastly, Elton’s mother’s boots:


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