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        Today is officially ‘Houndmouth Day’ in Louisville, as decreed by Mayor Greg Fischer himself. The US four-piece play the Iroquois Amphitheater tonight to open the venue’s 2013 season.

        Help celebrate the day by watching Houndmouth’s official music video for their stomping single ‘On The Road’. The track is taken from the US four-piece’s debut album ‘From The Hills Below The City’, out 3rd June on Rough Trade.

        Houndmouth Houndmouth Release Video For 'On The Road'


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        To Succeed In Music... Posted by Ed on 30/09/09 in blog

        When Rough Trade garage rock fave The Strange Boys came over here last month for their blistering UK tour, we of course hung out with the boys.

        It’s interesting talking to a band about influences and all that into the night,
        and as we did they got me into the late great fellow Texan…Townes Van Zandt.
        Check out the TVZ documentary Be Here To Love Me to see why some people said that he was the greatest songwriter in the world here is a clip where Townes explains what a musician should do if he wants to suceed:


        1. Yeah, that was Townes later on probably doing a bit of reflecting more than anything. Nonetheless, that is the centre gravity point of his story and he definitely had come to terms with it.

          The real hit you in the face scene in the movie was when Townes is playing, “Waiting Around To Die” in his trailer. The guy in the background starts crying when he hears Townes sing the lyrics.

          Wow, that was a powerful moment…

          judd6149 · 30/09/09 09:28 PM · #

        2. i love townes and the strange boys!

          public school whitey · 20/01/10 03:45 PM · #

        3. cannot wait for strange boys and night beats dates in the US. hell yes

          — andy · 17/02/10 01:36 AM · #

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