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        Today is officially ‘Houndmouth Day’ in Louisville, as decreed by Mayor Greg Fischer himself. The US four-piece play the Iroquois Amphitheater tonight to open the venue’s 2013 season.

        Help celebrate the day by watching Houndmouth’s official music video for their stomping single ‘On The Road’. The track is taken from the US four-piece’s debut album ‘From The Hills Below The City’, out 3rd June on Rough Trade.

        Houndmouth Houndmouth Release Video For 'On The Road'


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        Reading Posted by Camille Augarde on 06/09/10 in blog

        As a Somerset lass I’ve been going to Glastonbury since I was one of those
        babies you see bobbing along in neon mini builders’ headphones (FYI
        they barely block out the ice cream van tune let alone the main
        stage. I now suffer from mild tinnitus – thanks mum and dad) whose
        pram you have to strategically clamber over every time you want to
        move a row back in the Pyramid crowd. I’ve been bred on pints of cider
        made from actual apples rather than ones which make you feel as though
        you’re supping watered-down golden syrup, wandered straight to the barrier of
        Radiohead ’09 mid-‘Creep’ without getting a knuckle sandwich and known what it is not to have to hide my purse at the foot of my sleeping bag each
        night. Needless to say, Reading is not my bag.

        Nevertheless, this year I braved the Friday in order to take Reading virgins Warpaint down for a performance and some promo. Here they are merrily rehearsing ‘Undertow’ in the bus on the way down, unaware of what’s at the end of the motorway:

        Nerves kick in when we stop at Argos to buy wellies only to be told
        they’ve sold out. We pick up a few copies of The Metro instead and
        discover a quarter of a million gallons of water was pumped out of the site the day before to prevent it from flooding.

        We also find out the fate of the cat-in-the-wheelie-bin lady and Metro’s playlist for her.

        Smelly Cat – Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
        Trash – Sued
        Leave My Cat Alone – The Beatles
        Animal Lover – Suede
        Trapped – 2Pac
        Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens
        Cat In The Cradle – Ugly Kid Joe
        I’m A B**ch – Meredith Brooks
        Nobody Likes Me – Dark Lotus
        Top Cat (theme song)
        Lola – The Kinks
        Stars of CCTV – Hard Fi
        Living in a Box – Living in a Box

        Arriving at Reading as a twenty-something-year-old I feel like a mum gate-crashing the country’s biggest GCSE results afterparty. We
        plough through the hoards of tent-faced sixteen-year-olds and arrive
        at our first stop, the BBC Treehouse. Here the band play a haunting
        acoustic version of ‘Undertow’ for BBC 3 (check it out above) over Biffy Clyro’s thrashings over on the Main Stage.

        In true Reading fashion, each band’s set is pushed back by half an
        hour. I take this opportunity to check out Reading’s one redeeming feature: its new band tents. Indie’s latest dream couple Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley bring their new bedroom-penned ‘Summer Camp’ EP to the Festival Republic stage. Live, they’re blossoming faster than Liz’s jumpsuit collection (today: shimmering silver – a bold move away from her usual floral gettup). Avi Buffalo (now minus the bantering keyboard player) and Manc hipsters Egyptian Hip Hop are also among the highlights. Here’s Warpaint about to take over the Festival Republic stage (photo Dan Dennison):

        Next I go in search of some nourishment and came back ten pounds
        down with the best I could find: an orange Slush Puppy and a
        deep-fat-fried veggie burger. Because of the arena’s layout (stages
        set in a circle leaving a pit of mud in the middle for people to treck
        aimlessly across), the girl who screams in my ear genuinely thinking
        I’m “her from N-Dubz” and getting lost because I’d rather not pay nine
        quid for a programme/map, it takes me an hour to get back.

        Sodden wet, bloated with Tuborg and feeling double my age, I sit in a
        bar playing Connect 4 with a toddler called Macio and his mum until
        it’s time to go home. Unless I regress to a pre-pubescent or join
        QOTSA, next year I’ll take the lineup and leave the rest by
        experiencing Reading on TV from my sofa.