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The Decemberists


Check out the video for The Decemberists’ new track ‘This Is Why We Fight’, taken from their current album ‘The King Is Dead’:

The Decemberists The Decemberists 'This Is Why We Fight' Video


The Crane Wife

The Crane Wife Released: 29/01/07 by The Decemberists

The album 'the crane wife' is thematically based on a tragic japanese folk tale, but with an added dose of rock'n'roll, rape, murder and violence as well. the album was recorded with death cab for cutie's chris walla and the band have decided to toughen up a bit by discarding the brass section, throwing 70s style organ solos into the mix, cranking up the amps and moving the drums up front. this isnt to say that the decemberists have become unrecognizable in the slightest: all of the bands hallmarks are intact. 'the crane wife' continues the decemberists tradition of consistently engaging albums offering plenty for fans new and old on rough trade.

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