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It always causes great excitement when a new video is delivered to Rough Trade. It’s like when the postman arrives with the Amazon package you’d just started to worry about, only times 100. We were particularly anticipating this one though as it’s such a great track and really deserves to infest every radio in the land until we’re all suitably sick from it.

Emiliana Torrini Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum video!


Free Download Of Emiliana Torrini 'Speed Of Dark (Andrew Weatherall Remix)' 15/08/13 in Emiliana Torrini

Seminal producer Andrew Weatherall has done an epic 10-minute remix of Emiliana Torrini’s new single ‘Speed Of Dark’, which you can download for free here:

‘Speed Of Dark’ is the first single to be taken from the Icelandic musician’s fourth album ‘Tookah’, set for release on 9th (UK) and 10th (US) September.