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It always causes great excitement when a new video is delivered to Rough Trade. It’s like when the postman arrives with the Amazon package you’d just started to worry about, only times 100. We were particularly anticipating this one though as it’s such a great track and really deserves to infest every radio in the land until we’re all suitably sick from it.

Emiliana Torrini Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum video!


Me And Armini

Me And Armini Released: 07/09/08 by Emiliana Torrini

Emiliana Torrini is an artist who may well have passed under your radar. Previous releases (including the hugely acclaimed 'Fisherman's Woman') have kept things fairly lo-fi, but new record 'Me and Armini' aims to change all that. Where 'Fisherman's Woman' whispered Torrini's name, 'Me and Armini' shouts it out loud. perhaps drawing on her more "pop" sensibilities (Torrini co-wrote / produced 'Slow' for Kylie) her third album is a hugely ambitious and aspirational record with Emiliana's soaring voice centre stage, bolstered by a rich gamut of musical styles. From the summery skank of the title track (and first single), the yearning, spine-tingling 'Big Jumps', and the surging, breathless 'Jungle Drum', 'Me and Armini' is a truly fantastic album. Once again pairing up with her long-time producer/collaborator Dan Carey, Torrini's 'Me and Armini' is a work of total delight that will appeal to fans of Kate Bush, Cocorosie, Diane Cluck and Mariee Sioux.

UK people get yours here.

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Q Magazine Recommended Album - ****
Uncut - ****
Daily Telegraph - "Shines above the current crop...a songwriter of luminous talent"
Sunday Telegraph - ****
The Independent - **** "A glacier melting voice... lovely"
The Observer - "A jubilant hit in the making"
The Times Online - "Like perfect days and perfect romances"
The Sun - ***** "Her time is definitely now"
NME - "A gem"
Clash - "This is Emiliana's Finest Hour"

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