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Mystery Jets have unveiled their brand new official music video for their current single ‘Greatest Hits’. Featuring a tap dancing Kapil, merry-go-rounds and lines like “Hold on to ‘The Boy With The Arab Strap’ ‘cos I’m holding on to ‘Village Green’”, it’s quite possibly our favourite video of theirs yet!

The Mystery Jets Mystery Jets Release 'Greatest Hits' Video


Twenty One

Twenty One Released: 20/04/08 by The Mystery Jets

Second album 'Twenty One' is an awe-inspiring collection of oddball pop songs. A clear departure from their debut album 'Making Dens', these four young men have grown up in more ways than one. Produced predominately by DJ legend Erol Alkan and with one track, ('Half In Love With Elizabeth') helmed by veteran British producer Stephen Street, 'Twenty One' is a huge stylistic and emotional leap forward for the band. Now no longer residents of the west London scene that they helped to found with their Eel Pie Island parties, the Mystery Jets have spread their wings in style on their second record. By way of explanation of the albums title, "21 is a landmark age" says will. "Everyone talks about it as being the best year of your life - you're grown up enough to not be a foolish adolescent but you're still young enough to go into things with a certain enthusiasm. And there's a flipside to it: there are songs on this new record about having your heart broken for the first time." this new emotional depth dovetails neatly with the band's raised musical ambition on the steamrollering rhythms of flyer single 'Young Love'. Featuring their catchiest chorus and a spine-tingling vocal from new London folk singer Laura Marling, its tale of a one-night stand is also remarkable for the richness of will's voice. this time round, the boys (Blaine, William, Kai and Kapil) decided to go it alone and where Blaine's dad Henry is still on the scene with additional writing credits, he no longer performs live with the band. The boys have become men and have come into their own. Writing duties are shared across the band and lead vocals are predominately shared by Blaine ('Flakes') and William ('Young Love'). A team through and through. One of the less orthodox bands spawned by the post-Libertines London music scene, the Mystery Jets started at the end of the last century. A new scene rapidly grew up around the now legendary Eel Pie shows, giving artists like Jamie T an opportunity to play their first gigs.

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