16 November 2016

Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra Share Video For New Track "When We Dance"

As previously announced, Rough Trade will release a self-titled, collaborative album by Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra on 9th December. This is a live album containing nine Emiliana Torrini songs from her catalogue along with two brand new songs, one of which is “When We Dance” which today has been revealed.  Watch the video for “When We Dance” above, and stream it on Spotify and Apple Music here

Pre-order the album 'Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra' here.

Emiliana describes the unique circumstances behind the song’s origin: “We had two days to write a song before the booked studio time.  We were in the Belgian countryside staying in an old barn, in the middle of a raging electric storm that lasted days. It was scary and exciting, the song was born in this thick humid electric air. So lyrically I left it there.  When my son and I were dancing before the writing trip he said, 'Mummy, when we dance together our mind shines'. I loved that so much that I kept it as the sentence the whole song would evolve around. I also kept the wrong grammar as that kept my son's innocent voice in the song”. 

The video for “When We Dance” was made by Aarich Jespers & Anaïs Dyckmans. Aarich explains: “I was playing with a couple of thumbnails and a magnet and I saw these thumbnails moving and sticking together! It made me think of people in a discotheque and also of vibrating molecules. The thumbnails where a little too complicated to manipulate and they look too ordinary to me, so I made little figures. I assembled parts from fishing floats that I had collected for a long time, and suddenly these objects became funny individual characters. They were acting as real people! More of a discotheque party than the vibrating molecules, but anyway… It made me smile and I thought that this was something that suits the song".

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