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Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory Announce 'Elements Of Light' Album 17/10/12 in Pantha du Prince

German electronic producer and musician Pantha du Prince (Hendrik Weber) has collaborated with Norwegian musicians The Bell Laboratory for the project ‘Elements Of Light’, set for release on 14th January (UK) and 15th January (US) 2013.

Listen to ‘Photon’, the first track to be taken from the album, here:

Over the course of three albums—and as an in-demand remixer of artists ranging from Animal Collective to, most recently, Philip Glass— Pantha Du Prince has been celebrated for pushing the envelope of electronic music. His newest effort, Elements of Light, a collaborative project with The Bell Laboratory, is doubtless his most ambitious to date: The work is a symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-tonne instrument comprising 50 bronze bells.

The album is a single continuous work, although it has been broken down into five tracks named for elements of light: “Wave,” “Particle,” Photon,” “Spectral Split” and “Quantum.” Sonically, the work is a fusion of electronic music and classical composition, and draws on house and minimalism, jazz and new music, gamelan and western sacred music. Influences include John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Steve Reich, LaMonte Young and Moondog.

Elements of Light is a natural next step in the Pantha Du Prince oeuvre. Bells figured prominently on his last album, the highly acclaimed Black Noise, which Rough Trade Records released in 2010. In a Best New Music review of Black Noise, Pitchfork said, “each track is its own micro sound world with enough rich detail to draw you back for deeper investigation.”

Elements of Light live performances are being planned for late 2013.