Rough Trade



Happy Friday 8 August 2014 in parquetcourts

Here’s the best Parquet Courts remix we’ve heard (and press shot we’ve seen) in a while:

Stream Parquet Courts' New Single 'Bodies Made Of' 2 July 2014 in parquetcourts

Attention, Parquet Courts have a new single! Stream the excellent ‘Bodies Made Of’ from their new album ‘Sunbathing Animal’ (out now) here:

Parquet Courts Release 'Sunbathing Animal' Video 16 April 2014 in parquetcourts

Parquet Courts are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated follow-up to ‘Light Up Gold’ (2012), ‘Sunbathing Animal’, out 2nd June on Rough Trade Records (3rd June on What’s Your Rupture?/Mom+Pop in the US). Today the band premiere a new video on Noisey by Andy Capper for the title track and first single off ‘Sunbathing Animal’:

The video stars Frida, singer/guitarist Andrew Savage’s cat. In an interview with Capper Andrew discusses the video and the “studio magic”:

“Every afternoon [Frida] takes a nap in that spot, but that afternoon she knew she was being observed. So I created a special tea that I found on a cat lady website that was full of herbs that could allegedly make a cat sleepy. You got some valerian root, some poppy seed extract, skullflower caps, chamomile…. I gave that to her and she was kinda being a bit more chill but she was still moving around a bit too much. And I guess we basically made the sofa area of my apartment into a cat paradise in order to get her to perform. We had bird songs playing on the iPhone, the window was open for bird noises...